How to Overcome Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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You should take heed to the advice that smoking is bad for you. This nasty habit affects you physically and emotionally. You tend to notice changes right away with smoking which may include stained teeth, yellow fingers, a hacking cough, mucous buildup and your hair, clothes and breath tend to smell like smoke.

The long-term effects are even worse. Around 90 percent of men develop lung cancer because of smoking. Read on to find out how to overcome smoking with hypnosis.

What Is The Reason For Smoking?

Many people believe that smoking reduces anxiety and stress. Nicotine gives you an immediate sense of relaxation, but withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of anxiety. For these reasons, you should talk to a therapist to get your anxiety under control. However, you can start by quitting smoking.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis occurs when you enter a natural state that allows your focus to become laser sharp. Your ability to enter this state opens the door to endless possibilities for change, self-exploration, and healing. This healing method has been around for many years, and has been used by different cultures and for different purposes.

Entering hypnosis gives you access to your experiences, thoughts, and talents. This state allows you to use these things in a way that is not available consciously. A hypnotherapist can help you with developing your intuitive ability which allows you to change behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

How Can The Spiegel's Method Help?

The Spiegel's method is a hypnosis technique that put emphasis on three main ideas. These ideas include the importance of needing your body to live, smoking is poisonous, and that you should respect and protect your body.

Your hypnotherapist, like the professionals at Toby Beach LMSW PLLC, will teach you self-hypnosis. It works by repeating affirmations when you have the urge to smoke. When you are in a hypnotic state, your hypnotherapist will ask you to associate unpleasant things with smoking. For example, your hypnotist may tell you that smoking a cigarette will leave your mouth dry. If you put a cigarette in your mouth, then your mouth will become extremely dry.

Self-hypnosis is similar to positive thinking. Many people do things that they are not good for them. Self-hypnosis can take you out of this trance. It works by doing breathing exercises. You will breath in and exhale while saying positive words. If you want to quit smoking, then you can repeat "I will not smoke a cigarette". Living a healthy lifestyle protects you mentally and physically.