Are You A Christian Having Problems With Your Marriage? 2 Benefits Of Choosing A Christian Marriage Counselor

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If you are a Christian and you and your spouse are having problems with your marriage, there are different types of marriage counselors available. One type that would work well for you is a Christian marriage counselor. To help you decide, below are two benefits of choosing this type of counselor to help save your marriage.

Understands Biblical Principles

Christians view marriage differently than non-Christians. This is because the bible holds marriages as a sacred union and only allows divorced for a few reasons. For example, if one partner has an affair, the other partner can divorce them. The Bible also states that if one partner is an unbeliever the partner that is a Christian can leave the marriage.

A Christian marriage counselor understands these principles and can go over them with you in much more detail to help you understand. If you are getting divorced because of one of these two reasons, the marriage counselor can help you get through this difficult time.

If you want a divorce for different reasons, the marriage counselor can help you and your spouse work through your problems using biblical bible verses about marriage, as well as other types of treatment.

Understands All Principles

A Christian marriage counselor also understands how to counsel any married couple no matter what their faith is. They have had the same training as traditional counselors and if you want counseling but are not a Christian, this type of counselor can provide counseling to each of you.

This means the counselor will leave out all biblical views when it comes to your marriage. For example, if you simply cannot get along and have tried for years, the counselor may suggest divorce to you. They will still, however, encourage both of you to try, and give you some tips on things you can do. For example, they may ask both of you to write a letter to each other stating what problems you have with the marriage, as well as what you love about the marriage. This can open eyes to things you may not be aware of.

The counselor may have both of you sit down and have a deep conversation once a week. This can help you and your spouse get to know each other much better and this would help you work on your marriage instead of getting a divorce.

Talk to both a Christian marriage counselor, such as Tim Robbins Counseling, and a traditional marriage counselor so you can determine what would work best for you. Both counselors can answer any questions you may have.