What Are The Symptoms Of ADHD In Adults?

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For many adults, the symptoms of ADHD can be incredibly confusing. While the symptoms of ADHD are often associated with children, this is a very real condition among adults as well.

Are you uncertain about the symptoms of ADHD in adults? Do you think you might benefit from counseling for adults with ADHD? These are some of the symptoms associated with adults who have ADHD.


One of the most noticeable symptoms of ADHD in adults is impulsivity. If you find that you can't seem to help yourself from blurting out comments or interrupting others, this could be a sign of ADHD.


While many people associate hyperactivity with children, it's also a symptom of ADHD in adults. You may find it hard to sit still, or you may find yourself with the urge to move even during inappropriate times.

Difficulty Focusing

If you have difficulty focusing on tasks, this could be a sign of ADHD. You may find yourself starting projects but not finishing them or becoming easily sidetracked. You may notice that this symptom is especially strong when you're trying to multitask.

Difficulty Organizing

Do you struggle to organize physical objects or tasks? Do you have a hard time meeting your deadlines? It could be the impact of ADHD. This can also come out in issues with time management. If you find yourself running late or missing appointments, organizing your time may be difficult.

Problems with Memory

ADHD can make it hard for adults to remember things. This includes both recent and long-term memories. For some people, this is seen when a conversation moves quickly from topic to topic. In other cases, this could occur at work or school.


ADHD can lead to drastic mood swings. You may find yourself feeling happy one minute and angry or frustrated the next. Mood swings can become more common when you are trying to focus and find yourself frustrated.


ADHD can also cause anxiety. This is often caused by the feeling of being overwhelmed or feeling that you're not accomplishing the tasks you set out to. Anxiety can also stem from experiencing the other symptoms of ADHD.

Talk to a Counselor About ADHD in Adults

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you may want to speak with a counselor who specializes in ADHD in adults. Your counselor will help you identify symptoms and triggers so that you can find ways to cope and build strength.

Contact a professional to learn more about adult ADHD counseling